Read csv using url

I am trying to read a CSV file from this website ( but I keep getting an error
'Error in open.connection(7L, "rb") : HTTP error 404.'

df <- read_csv("")

Not sure where I am going wrong.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

If you have a problem with a link; its worth trying it in your webrowsers ...

It seems its simply a broken link

I did, when I enter the link, it downloads the CSV file


The main website link is : COVID-19 Vaccination Dashboard | COVID-19 (

inside that, if you copy the link for "download the summary data(CSV)" you get the actual CSV link which downloads the CSV file.

well, perhaps its behind some sort of firewall, or its picky who its served to, I for one cant access that.

for me the top domain returns page not found.

perhaps you can use something like chromote to "pretend to be you" and download through a headless browser or something like that.

Is there any other way in R to sort this problem?

as I can still access from my region

I dont feel able to help you because I cant access the URL, so I cant attempt different solutions.
Perhaps somone from your region can support you.

Heard! Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

I can access the webpage and download the file by clicking on the link, but I can't use read.csv to get the file. It throws a 404 error as noted by @Srinivas20. My guess is that the page owners don't want automated downloads and have intentionally blocked them. I don't know enough about firewalls and such things to be sure, but that is my guess.

Interesting, thanks for your insights!

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