read excel file_upload in R studio cloud

Hi, All
prod <- read_xls:("Course 7/Week 4/prod.xls")
This is what I wrote in console, I want to read the excel sheet I uploaded in cloud, but it gives me this error:
prod <- read_xls:("Course 7/Week 4/prod.xls")
Error: object 'read_xls' not found

read_xls() is a function in the readxl library. Has this been loaded using library(readxl)?

Also, in your question you have included a : after the function, which I don't think you need. In summary, try the below code:

prod <- read_xls("Course 7/Week 4/prod.xls")

gives me this error:
filepath: /cloud/project/Course 7/Week 4/prod.xlsx
libxls error: Unable to open file

Hey, that error sounds like the file may not be in your current working directory.

Try getwd() and see which folder you are in. If you are not in the folder where your 'Course 7' folder is located, you will need to use setwd() to set this.

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