Read-only file system

Hello, I'm unable to knit or create any files.
Seeing this error:
Error in readLines(con, warn = FALSE) : cannot open the connection
Calls: ... partition_yaml_front_matter -> grep -> read_utf8 -> readLines
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In file.create(output) :
cannot create file '', reason 'Read-only file system'
2: In readLines(con, warn = FALSE) :
cannot open file '': No such file or directory
Execution halted

Project url:

Something similar to me when I render any graphic and some glitch is in the command. I only came across a solution: delete the project, create a new one and pull it again from github.

I am sorry you are having issues with
I haven't been able to track down any issues with your project, are you still experiencing the same problem? If so, are you able to open the Terminal tab? If you are, could you run df -h and then report the output?

After posting I went back and looked under Session to see what I could do. I restarted R a few times... and after about 3 tries I had write access again.

Not sure how or why it happened.