Read pg_text from postgres as R vector type

When connecting to my Postgres database (through DBI::dbConnect), I find that all the TEXT, FLOAT, and BOOL fields are converted to strings in dbplyr.

The tbl connection has been converted to a data.frame() for exploration purposes

I would like these arrays to be treated as vectors, rather than strings. dbplyr::dbSetDataMappings() seems to be the functionality that I am looking for, however, this function has been depreciated, as no generic implementation could be created -- understandably so. String processing is also not a solution, as there would likely be out of memory issues.

Two questions:

  • Is R equipped to deal with this, or should I look for similar functionality in python?
  • Do I fundamentally have the data set up wrong? That is, should position_in_list be its own field, thus eliminating the need for an Array datatype in Postgres?


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