Reading a CSV File from the Internet (Stored in a Folder) : Error in vroom_(file, delim = delim %||%

I am trying to download a CSV file into R that is hosted on the internet. The link to the file looks like this:

Normally, I would use the "readr" library to download this file:


data <- read_csv("")

#loading message
indexed 39.19MB 0s in 13s, 2.93MB/s

However, I get this error:

Error in vroom_(file, delim = delim %||% col_types$delim, col_names = col_names,  :                                                          0s
  embedded nul in string: 'PK\003\004\024'

I noticed that if I click the link directly, this file automatically downloads a ZIP folder on to my computer and the CSV file is located in this folder:


and the file itself is called: my_file.csv.

  • Is it somehow possible to directly download "my_file.csv" into R? Or is this not possible because the link I am using automatically downloads a folder?


you would be able to use R to download that which is served up by the link,... if its a zip, then you will get a zip

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