Reading data directly from the SAP's Hana database


I would like to read data directly from SAP. From what I read in few places, can use rodbc package for this purpose. But I could not find a specific guide that demonstrates the steps in details. Is there anything similar or better out there with detailed steps of reading SAP data in R itself. I also heard of RHana package, but couldn't find enough details to get started.

Any help would be appreciated.


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See the {haven} package.

Thank you! This is definitely useful to know. But it doesn't help with SAP specifically.

This is a very interesting question and has been asked a few times before but sadly with no success, it should be easy in theory since the Hana database accepts ODBC connections but the real challenge is getting your IT department on board with this idea, in a real world scenario you would need to get proper permissions for your SAP user to be able to connect and knowledge of the structure of the database to be able to construct any useful SQL query.
That is exactly what stopped me in the past since I couldn't convince them to give me access to that information.

Do you have full access to your organization's Hana database? If so, it would be very interesting to know what you have accomplished so far.

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No. It has to come through IT team.
Unfortunately, I couldn't resolve this as of now. But will definitely share in case I find something.

Thank you all!

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