Readxl not working

Hi everyone. I have been trying to open an excel file on R Studio for the best part of an hour and cannot figure out why it won't work. I have downloaded the newest version of readxl and tidyverse and all that happens when I try to import a dataset from excel is this

it seems to be trying to locate a file in "~/x" could this be the issue?

Any help would be much appreciated.

You need to select the file, not just the directory the file is contained in. Based on your output, readxl is trying to open the file ~/. which indicates a file named . located in your home directory (~). I'm guessing this isn't the name of your file? Make sure to select the file and you can verify the file name in the File/URL section before trying to Import.

Hi thanks for your response. Yes I have been selecting the file and then that message comes up when I have selected the file and clicked open.

I have additionally tried to verify the file name and it believes the path does not exist. Could this possibly be an issue with the working directory?

Are you able to open the file in Excel outside of R/RStudio? Can you verify it opens correctly?

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