Recast - Senior Software Engineer (#r)

paid / remote / full-time

Recast is an R-first company and we run R in production. Lots of R. Our core product requires running massive machine-learning / model-fitting code on remote servers, storing and managing metadata and results in S3, and processing data on-the-fly via R code running on remote servers accessible via APIs. All that is to say: we are serious software engineers using R for serious software engineering, not just academic or research projects.

You'll get to join a team of academics putting cutting-edge research into production for commercial uses. We are pushing the limits of what's possible with computational statistics in general and R in particular. Our customers are managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of advertising budgets via our platform, and your work will have an impact.

We're hiring a senior software engineer to help us build the future of media measurement.

As a senior software engineer, you’ll be working with a team of other software engineers, data scientists, and statisticians to bring a totally new type of software product to market. Recast is operating at the frontier of what a software product can be and we need sophisticated software engineers that can help us push the R language to its limits.

What you'll do in your first 6 months:

  • Develop a database backend for tracking complex job metadata
  • Work with data scientists to “productize” independent analyses into things that work seamlessly for all customers
  • Help develop end-to-end test suites for our complex serverless and multi-language infrastructure

Things you probably have experience in:

  • Deep understanding of R, including object-oriented frameworks
  • Developing and managing CRAN-quality packages
  • Using R in “production” environments
  • CI/CD and complex testing environments

Things that should excite you that might scare off other folks:

  • Working with complex serverless infrastructure
  • Taking data scientists complex analyses and turning them into well-tested production code
  • Working independently on a very complex codebase with inconsistent test coverage

What we offer you:

Work wherever you’re happiest. We're fully remote

  • Competitive remote salary along with early stage equity
  • Your local holidays plus unlimited PTO (minimum 2 weeks mandatory PTO!)
  • Minimal standing meetings with frequent collaboration and async by design
  • Autonomy and support to do your best work in your own time

Note: Recast is committed to building a diverse team so if you are from an under-represented background in tech (e.g., women, non-white, etc.) please apply even if you don’t necessarily check all of the boxes here.

While Recast is officially based in the US, we're a fully remote team (one founder lives in Brooklyn, the other in Mexico City with team members across the world).

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