Recommended classical music recordings - Table Contest Submission

Recommended classical music recordings


Explore BBC Radio 3's Building a Library database using this interactive table built with the reactable R package.


  • Scroll through the list of composers and click through to their entry on Oxford Music Online. Most UK libraries offer free access to the music reference collection.
  • Choose a piece of music by the selected composer and find the top recommended recording. Other recommended recordings may be listed too.
  • If a podcast of the corresponding BBC Radio 3 programme is available just click through and listen.

Table Type: interactive-HTML
Submission Type: Single Table Example
reactable package used: true

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For your reactable, you might consider adding summary info across the row, and setting onClick = TRUE, so when you click on any cell in the row, it expands the row.

That expanding row feels a little 'hidden' now, especially since the Composer is a link out of the table.

Thanks Curtis. Increasing the size of the clickable area really improves navigation of the table.