Recommended packages for drag-and-drop hierarchy tree builder?

I'm searching for packages I can use in conjunction with Shiny, where the user uses drag-and-drop, or other visually enhanced means, to custom build hierarchy trees (or dendrograms) that can expand vertically and horizontally per the user build. So far on my list of packages to investigate are jsTreeR, data.tree, dendextend, ggtree. But each takes time to familiarize myself with and would rather spend time learning the package that best fits my need. The trees will be used to direct a sequence of mathematical computations. Any recommendations?

I was told on StackOverflow that R Studio Community is the best place to go for package recommendations.

The below image best explains. The orange shows what in theory the user dragged/dropped, the yellow could be reading values from a data frame (or user inputs), and the green shows R calculations.

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