Recreating a NEJM forest plot/table hybrid - Table Contest Submission

Recreating a NEJM forest plot/table hybrid

Authors: Randy Boyes
Affiliations: Queen's University

Abstract: A demonstration of the use of patchwork for creating hybrids of figures and tables. The table shown is a replication of a forest plot overlaid on a table originally published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Full Description: I have created an R package to facilitate the creation of tables like this called forestable. The package is available here:

The original figure that this code attempts to replicate (on the right) comes from the New England Journal of Medicine [1]. The figure made in R is on the left.


  1. Ray, K. K., Wright, R. S., Kallend, D., Koenig, W., Leiter, L. A., Raal, F. J., Bisch, J. A., Richardson, T., Jaros, M., Wijngaard, P. L. J., Kastelein, J. J. P., & ORION-10 and ORION-11 Investigators. (2020). Two Phase 3 Trials of Inclisiran in Patients with Elevated LDL Cholesterol. The New England Journal of Medicine , 382 (16), 1507–1519.

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Submission Type: Single Table Example
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Other packages: gridExtra, patchwork