Redirecting a link to shinyapps

My shiny app is referred to in several papers as "fpr-calc(dot)ucl(dot)"
But attempts to redirect this to "davidcolquhoun(dot) / fpr-calc-ver1-7/" fail because of the way that the shiny server is set up.
This is the procedure that was suggested by UCL it staff. Is it possible?

"Turns out they couldn't do a redirect because they can't point to a folder within the target machine.

In order for the redirect to work, you'd have to display your app directly in

Do you know how to do that? From the instructions in the shinyapps website, it seems like you have to copy the contents of the app that are now under the folder "fpr-calc-ver1-7" into its parent folder, and when you deploy the app, you'd have to replace:




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