Reduce size



Hi All,

I’m running dplyr on AWS Lambda (via rpy2), so installing it on an amazon ec2 linux instance via install.packages and then packaging into something that works with AWS Lambda. Something similar to

The compiled is about 33MB however - which (along with all the other large R shared object and rdb files) starts to cause problems with uploading the package to AWS (though there are ways around this using S3 upload - but would like to avoid if possible). For reference (and i’m not trying to solve these here), is also about 33MB and & its icudt55l.dat (which are used by lurbridate i believe via stringr) are ~50MB combined

Are there any configure.args options that can help to reduce the overall size? (eg presumably debug is already stripped, what about using dynamic linking instead of static? - or disabling uncommon functionality that am unlikely to use (plotting/pdf/image output))