Refreshing page when you change radio buttons

Is there a way (without V8) to refresh the shiny app every time you change a selection on a radio button? Whenever I've tried it keeps refreshing the page rendering the app useless.

If someone has a very simple example that would be amazing. Apologies for not posting code, but I've tried it in a few ways and have not been able to do it.

Could you describe in more detail what you mean by "refresh the shiny app"?

Sorry, I guess more accurately I mean refresh the page (But keep the new radio button selection). Full disclosure: I've inherited some code and basically in this application when you select a radio button and click submit it plots a few things. Now if you select the other button, after these plots have been created ... it shows an error in the display. If you don't click submit of course there's no problem and you can keep going back and forth between radio buttons. Hence, I thought if I could just refresh the page every time a new button is clicked that may make this problem go away. There is most certainly a more elegant solution but I haven't gone super deep into this code yet.

It's hard to help you if you don't provide a minimal reproducible example, read this guide about making a reprex with shiny apps.

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