Regaining Access as a Student to an Instructor's Shared Workspace Now that Class is Over

Hi. I am relatively new to RCloud Studio. I used it during the Spring 2022 semester that just ended. My professor had this class workspace that he shared with us (it has more than 50 students in it) and there are multiple projects within this class workspace.

During the semester, I was able to just click on these projects and it would move to my workspace (I just had a free RStudio Cloud account then since the school paid for access). Now that the semester and instructor plan is over, I get an error message when I click on any of these projects to create a new project .

Specifically, I get the error message: "This account has reached its limit for creating projects. Move existing projects to the trash to make room for additional projects, or notify XXX to upgrade the account." My professor is obviously not going to pay for the instructor plan.

However, I noticed that the student can pay for the instructor plan ($15). I am assuming the Pro plan at $5 will not work since the workspace has more than 50 in it.

I am still a member of the shared workspace and I am okay with paying to access my professor's workspace for a short while. I just don't want to pay $15 and not have access still. Can anyone confirm if a student paying for the $15 instructor plan will allow a student to have continued access to a workspace created by an instructor (who is a different student)?

Thank you.


It sounds like you still have access to the instructors space. You are likely getting that error within the space because the instructor has stopped paying for the account that owns the space. This is the instructors account - and not your account. So upgrading won't help in this situation because you would be upgrading your account - and not the instructors account. There is really no way for you to assume ownership of the space.

If you want to continue using the projects you would likely need to move them into your account. You should be able to do this from the project list (which doesn't require opening the project).

From there if you select "Your Workspace" at the top of the list that will transfer the projects into your accounts personal workspace. If you just wanted to look at your projects content the free tier is likely sufficient - but there's also the cloud plus plan which can accommodate more basic usage.

Additionally you can also download the projects contents using the export button. If you just want to get a copy of your projects data back for your own records.

Let me know if your have any other questions,