regression table with stargazer in htlm format

How can I get a regression table with stargazer in htlm format?

This is my code:

You should be able to get what you want with:

stargazer(lm.out, type = "html", title = "Write your title here.")

You can do so much more with the package and I suggest you read a good tutorial on how to use it. Other notable packages for making regression tables are:

I tried it, but it doesn't seem to work. Do I have to install additional packages?

It would help if you described what happens exactly.

R can't find the stargazer package.
I don't know how to install this package. Is it a single package or included in another package?

Then, it means that you have not yet installed the package. You should run install.packages(stargazer) (preferably in your console) to install the package then load it with library(stargazer) before you can use it.

Thanks. I had to install several packages.
How can I get the table now? I copied the whole output into my internet explorer. This doesn't seem to work.

After running your regression (in your original message), if you use the code I provided above, you should get the regression table.

So I have to copy the whole stargazer() output into the internet explorer search bar?

What are you trying to achieve by doing that?

I want to get a table for a word document

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