Remaking boxplots on log scale

Hi all. Sorry if my question is silly but I made a boxplot in RStudio using the following command,

with(valung, boxplot(valung$t ~ as.factor(cell)))

where t is time.

Now I wish to remake the boxplot using time on a log scale and I have no clue how to do that. I tried the command,

with(valung, boxplot(valung$log(t) ~ as.factor(cell)))

but obvioulsy that gave me an error. Does somebody have an idea on how I can convert time to log scale and remake my box-plot?

Please let me know if you do not have enough information to help me out and I can include more in the comments section if I am unable to edit this post.

Thanks in advance.

Have you tried this instead?

with(valung, boxplot(log(t) ~ as.factor(cell)))

OMG that worked, thank you so much! Wish I had posted on here sooner, I was only playing around with my code all day!

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