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Hi there

I want to use the variable 'access to Internet'. Since the question is multiple choice, the answer options were split up in the code book in different variables (q302a-q302g). I want to create a new variable and categorise it into three groups: (0) no access; (1) some access (including internet cafe, community center, educational center); (2) good access (home, work & cellphone). While I am able to create a new variable, I do not know how to filter out the people that ticked multiple options so that they only appear in the "better" group and are not double counted (e.g. a person that has internet on the cellphone and in the internet cafe should only appear in group 2 and not also in group 1). Do you know which code if have to use?

Thanks for your help!

Hi, it would help everyone if you could put your question into reprex:

For example, in your case you don't need to provide us with all of your data, just ~10 rows with only columns that are relevant in this case + output that you want to see.

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