Removing an entry from RStudio history

RStudio has an amazingly god history mechanism --- better than what is provided just by the .Rhistory file, or at least that how it looks. However, there are some cases in which I'd like to remove an entry from the history entries shown in the History pane, and also from the history-based auto complete menu mechanism at the command line. This is simply because I'd like to avoid repeating failed commands/lines that I had to retry multiple times until I got it right.

Any way to do so?


Would you mind filing this as a feature request at

Sure, will do!

As a general question, is that a place where we can post other feature requests / RFE (request for enhancement), or that we should first bring it up here?
One reason I am bringing it up is that I wrote a post with a probably misleading title about controlling the font size of the outline pane (reference: Can I control the outline pane font without an hack that modifies the corresponding element in the .GD15MCFCMDC class?), and never saw a response (so it was closed a few days ago). I knew it's probably the title fault, as I usually get responses quite quickly, but I wondered whether I should post it with a more readable title, maybe put it in another category, or just not pursue it further. It's not a big deal, but since I am half way there (with solving it myself), thought it is worth brining it up.
Thanks again

In general, I think the GitHub issues page is a good place to raise a feature request if the request is well-scoped. If there's more uncertainty about the feature and how it might evolve, I think it's worth raising in the community forums first just so a bit of preliminary discussion can happen first.

We've been hard at work trying to prepare for the v1.2 release and so have been focusing primarily on high-priority bug fixes, but I'm hoping we'll be able to allocate some more time for feature work with v1.3.

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