Rendering images in Quarto by given an absolute path

Images are are only rendered in the html document (quarto file) if it is located in the /image directory, although in RStudio visual editor the image is rendered correctly.

I have a project wherein I am doing some analysis. Rather than doing all the all analysis in a quarto document, I have separate .R files; each with it's own analysis and final output (either a table or plot) is saved to a folder/location. This location to the table/image, is then referred in the quarto document.

If the absolute path of the image has been been stated, shouldn't quarto allow for the document to be rednered.

Can you share more about the structure of your Quarto project ?

fs::dir_tree() can help share the result.

If you can share a reproducible example (for example in a demo github repo), that would help a lot understanding correctly what you are doing.

Also, please do read about site resources

It is possible that auto detection fails somehow and your image are not moved to the _site output folder, which would lead to the image not showing in the output.

Again having a reproducible project example would help

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