Rendering pkgdown sites for locally view

When I use pgkdown::build_site() I get my site rendered, but then can't click through all the pages. Is this something that is restricted when using the Cloud?

I'm not that familiar with pkgdown, but it looks like yes, this is a restriction. You'll see that the first page is rendered with a url that ends with "/file_show?path=%2Fcloud%2Fproject%2Fdocs%2F.%2Findex.html", but the links from there don't use "/file_show". If you modify the first url with the path you, it should show each file.


As a workaround, you can tell pkgdown to use the home directory as its destination:

pkgdown::build_site(override = list(destination = "~/docs"))

Hi That worked amazingly well! Thank you very much!