renderUI takes a long time to render on app start

Why does renderUI take a lot of time to render by itself upon starting the app but renders quickly once I change a reactive value? I used initial rectiveVals but it did not help. It does render by itself, it is just incredibly slow.

How can you be sure that its the renderUI specifically and not more generally your app as a whole loading time?

The whole outline of the app appears, only the parts of the UI that is rendered by renderUI is missing. If I change manually the selectInput that triggers the renderUI everything loads instantly.

I guess one sure way to know would be to have a new button in your app. When you press the button the renderUI we are discussing will be inserted. I expect it will render about as fast as your experience with updating its reactive inputs, and that the issue will likely be other calculations of your appon startup

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I agree that it is hard to know for sure, however, when I try to push any other button in the app the renderUI does not load instantly.

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