Renjin: error: no internal function "cov"


I am working on a java project where I am running a script in R and returning results to Java. I am using the Renjin interpreter with the following maven dependencies:


     <name>bedatadriven public repo</name>

The process works just fine for a script with an "lm" function, but throws an error (in eclipse console) when using "plm".
The error is:

Error : no internal function "cov"
Loading required package: Formula
Loading required package: stats
Loading required package: stats
[1] "Error : no internal function \"cov\"\n"
[1] "try-error"
[1] "no internal function \"cov\""

[1] "simpleError" "error"       "condition"

any help with this is much appreciated!

Thank you!:grinning::grinning:

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