renv 1.0.3 doesn't activate ONLY in RStudio

I am getting this very strange behaviour on renv 1.0.3, R 4.3.1, in Rstudio 2022.07.2+576 (also tried most recent version), Ubuntu 20.04

I have a renv.lock environment with packages installed in a renv folder that was working until recently. Now when I try to run renv::activate(here::here()) it Rstudio it

  1. asks if I want to save the current workspace.
  2. It then restarts R session
  3. Instead of loading the selected R renv it defaults to the folder specified in settings as Default working directory

Interestingly, when I start R from the command line it seems to load the correct renv immediately, i.e. this issues seems specific to RStudio.

Thank you for any tips with this.

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