renv::history() giving just first commit

I am learning renv, want to be able to use the renv::revert() function.

To this end I installed and uninstalled package zoo, renv::snapshoting, staging and commiting these changes to git along the way.
Indeed I observed that metadata about the zoo package appeared and disappeared from the renv.lock file.

When I run git log --oneline i get all the commits and messages:

vladimir@vld-T400:~/Documents/renv-test3$ git log --oneline
26c844b (HEAD -> master) added zoo function while zoo is uninstalled
cbe9ce0 uninstalled zoo
e82fd74 installed zoo
7dbc7fd modified the lock file

The renv::history() shows only the message from the first commit.:

commit author_date committer_date subject
7dbc7fd6919353780f10fdbab70d2ffd8ec756a3 2023-11-10 23:38:32 2023-11-10 23:38:32 modified the lock file

Can somebody please help me out?
Thank you very much

The curious mechanobiologist

Thanks for the bug report! Can you please file a bug report at Issues · rstudio/rstudio · GitHub, with more details about the version of renv, as well as your operating system?