Replace rmarkdown tags in inline r code

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I want to print some regression models definitions in rmarkdown as inline code:

Model: `r modeldef`

Unfortunately, the model definition string contains two asterisks (*) as in

output ~ fact1 + fact2*fact3 + fact1*fact2

and now (of course) I get italic text fact3 + fact1 instead of the asterisks.

Is there any existing function to avoid such problems or do I have to write my own function using gsubs to covert the string before inlining it?

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There is a nice package to show equation of a model. See

Would that help you here ?

Otherwise you need to process the string to escape the character that needs to be escaped or wrap into inline code syntax

Model: `` `r modeldef` ``

to get
Model: output ~ fact1 + fact2*fact3 + fact1*fact2

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Wow, that was extremely fast, thank you very much!

Cheers, Martin

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