Replacing NA's in a dataframe/tibble

I've been using the following code to replace NA's with zeros:

mutate_all(funs(replace(.,, 0)))

Is there some more elegant option out there?

Thanks for your help.

tidyr::replace_na() may be helpful (if your number of variables is not too large + cumbersome to write out manually)!


Thanks for the suggestion to look again at replace_na. After some more experimentation these worked well and are slightly simpler:

mutate_all(funs(replace_na(., 0)))
mutate_if(is.numeric, funs(replace_na(., 0)))


Oh right, I forgot you could use mutate_all + replace_na and not have to type them all out :laughing:

That's a good solution. I've been using:

df[] <- 0 

but it does not fit in a pipe chain very smoothly. I really like

mutate_if(is.numeric, funs(replace_na(., 0)))

thanks for sharing what you figured out!


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