Reproducibility Between Local and Remote Computer with R

I posted this question:

I am currently using R , RStudio , and a remote computer (using an R script) to run the same code. I start by using set.seed(123) in all three versions of the code, then using glmnet to assess a matrix. Ultimately, I am having trouble reproducing the results between my local and the remote computer's results. I am using R version 4.0.2 locally, and R version 3.6.0 remote.

After running several tests, I'm wondering if there is a difference between the two versions in R which may lead to slightly different coefficients. If anyone has any insight I would appreciate it.


and found that there were slight differences between using rnorm with R-4.0.2 and R-3.6.0 but did not find any differences for runif between both systems. In my original code, I am using rnorm and was wondering if this may be the reason I am finding slight differences in coefficients for glmnet and lars testing between using my local computer (R-4.0.2) and my remote computer (R-3.6.0).


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