Request for clarity / example RE: a haven 2.4.0 improvement.

In the haven 2.4.0 list of improvements (located here: haven 2.4.0), the first improvement is as follows:

"Date-times are no longer converted to UTC. This should ensure that you see the same date-time in R and in Stata/SPSS/SAS. (But the underlying time point might be different because Stata/SPSS/SAS don’t appear to support time zones.)"

Seeing the same date-time in R and Stata/SPSS/SAS is a definite plus. Thanks! :smile: However, what would be an example where the underlying time points would differ, but the expressed time points would be the same? This update seems to imply that a Stata/SPSS/SAS date-time could appear the same in R but there could be an underlying difference as a result of time zones. An example or examples of when such a case could happen would be most helpful. Thanks :smile:

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