Reset ACL permission errors

Hi all,
I'm getting lots of errors like these in my logs in my logs after a change in storage - we changed from NFS v4 to NFS v3 for our /home dir mounts.

WARNING Failed to reset ACL permission mask on /home/<username>/<project_name>/.Rproj.user/shared/users/ddb3bd86.user
WARNING Failed to reset ACL permission mask on /home/<username>/.rstudio/notebooks/24754A4F-CPO_clusters_v0.3/1/s/chunks.json

Any idea how to fix then easily? It's clogging up my logs and making it hard to spot the real problems.

thanx :slight_smile:

These errors are being logged when attempting to reset ACLs for shared projects. Perhaps something needs to change in your NFSv3 configuration to allow for ACLs to work?

I would review the admin guide first ( and see if any relevant information stands out.

Hi Kevin,
That's the weird bit - we're not using any shared projects as we've never managed to get it working when we were using NFS v4, but now we're running on NFS v3
I can't see any mention of acl in /etc/mtab even though the /home dir is mounted with it in /etc/fstab so perhaps it's something that needs to be enabled in the storage.

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