Reset app when first go to it??

I am using learnr which to my knowledge is essentially shiny.

I use learnr to create an online R command window I can put on my canvas site for a sandbox for the students. Often when I go to the app the previous output is still there. Is there a refresh command so that each time I go to the app it resets it to its original form?

I'm not familiar with learnr but in shiny you can set:


to make sure a fresh session is started.

Please see this:

Btw. are you aware that you can spaw R sessions in Google Colab?:

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Thanks-use R in colab all the time. Funny thing is I was on call with the colab product manager almost two years ago and he wasn't really aware one could do that.

I am not familair with shiny at all (I suspect learnr is my cheap way of doing shiny) and can't directly call session$allowReconnect(FALSE) in learnr. Basically JJ implemented a "start over" button in learnr and I somehow want to magically push it when the app loads to clear any previous output.