Residuals analysis

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I would like to study the residuals between Ischemic (IHD_DX) and Systolic Pressure (SBP).
Starting hypothesis :
H0 IHD_DC is bounded to the SBP
H1 IHD_DC is not bounded to the SBP.

My analysis :

Confident interval (CI)

icResSBP_IHD=t.test(ResSBP_IHD,, conf.level=0.95)

Residue analysis

RegSBP_IHD<-lm(SBP_50~IHD_DX, data=coeur)

Linear regression


Graphic analysis

plot(ResSBP_IHD, ylab="Résidus")
abline(h=c(-1.14,0,1.15), lty=c(2,1,2))


sum = 0,78.

My question is : 0,78 mean that 78 % of residual belong to the CI ? So, did 78 % of patients have an ischemic linked to the systolic pressure ? Or, in the 78 % of the case, did the systolic pressure may a factor of the ischemic ?
I don't know how to read into residuals.

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Any person could help me ?


It would probably be helpful if you could post a reproducible example, as described in Get help!