Resizing elements when resizing the browser window


I have created a Shiny app that presents biological data that will be a part of our upcoming publication. The app works otherwise really well but the columns and their contents are overlapping when using computers with different screen widths and when resizing the browser window. In other words, I would like to add some code that would make the app resize its contents to fit the used screen/browser window size. An example from another research group can be found here: Fan et al.. As you can see, here the contents of the page either rearrange or resize dynamically to fit the page neatly.

Thanks a lot for your help!



hi @maddemaddi, can you share the code of you shiny app or a reproducible example? It will be easier to give you tips.
Shiny uses bootstrap under the hood which supports responsive CSS, this should enable your application to automatically adapt its layout for different resolutions. See layout guide
It might be you are using a fixed layout or components inside your app which are not responsive.