(Resolved) Temporarily Disabled IDE Terminal Window


I wanted to let users of RStudio Cloud know that we've temporarily disabled the terminal window on RStudio Cloud. We've taken this action to address a security concern, which we hope to resolve in the near future, after which, we plan on re-enabling the terminal. In the interim we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Look for further updates in this thread.


I hope that it is soon because there is currently no way to import data files that are hundreds of megabytes. I read in another question that it could be done previously with wget using the terminal as a workaround to the timing-out of the file upload via the IDE's GUI.

Hey @DarioAustralia, could you perhaps use download.file() in conjunction with tempfile() as a workaround to retrieve your large file in the absence of a terminal? It won't work if you need to upload it from your computer, but if you can get the file somewhere on a network (or if you can make your computer accessible in a secure way), it would work :slight_smile:

(Just be aware that anything you put in the temporary directory gets deleted when you finish your session! If you need to put the data somewhere long-term, use file.copy() after you've downloaded it!)

# generate a temporary file name
temp_file = tempfile(fileext = '.csv')
# download your big file to this temp file name.
# you can tell this fn to use wget under the hood using `method = 'wget'`
# and pass wget arguments using `extra = c()`
download.file(url = 'example.com/bigfile.csv', destfile = temp_file)
# now use temp_file to import the file into R as you would a local file
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download.file allowed me to import the ZIP file from Dropbox. Afterwards, I used unzip to extract my Shiny application's files.

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If you're using Git with RStudio Cloud, and were using the Terminal for configuring your Git user.name and user.email, note that you can also do this in the R Console with usethis::use_git_config:

use_git_config(user.name = "Jane", user.email = "jane@example.org")

Thanks for the head-up.

I notice the Terminal Window is not there when I logged into Rstudio cloud today.

It would be better if this announcement is show up within Rstudio Cloud itself?

The terminal window has now been restored -- thank you all for your patience!


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