Resources on custom output elements

Dear Community,

Can anyone please share resources on how to build custom Shiny output elements?

To give an example: I want to combine data table output with a download button and and apply certain styling. I am aware that this could be accomplished using a standard Shiny module. Anyhow, this is just the most trivial application my team has in mind.

I did not find the official tutorial too helpful, and Google does returns only a few, slightly off-topic results.

Thank you!



I recommend to you the following articles on the shiny documentation.

    This will help you place objects together in a shared context.. placed in you main application with uiOutput and server describe how to render it with renderUI

once you are comfortable with this, proceed to making a module for your specific need.

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Thank you for pointing these out! I seize the opportunity to sharpen my enquiry. Does anybody know an extended example on how to define and render custom output elements in Shiny?