Restart running application RStudio Connect

Hello IT,

exists option in RStudio Connect how to restart running and deployed shiny application?

Because when some session or application stuck, we need to restart whole server.
And we would like to restart only specific application.

Maybe is possible to find in Linux (ubuntu) particular process (which is connected to app) and then restart, but i am wondering if RStudio Connect does not have some button for basic users ?

Thanks for help


Right now there is not a simple button to restart the shiny applications, its something its often requested and i added one more vote for our product management team.

It is possible to get the PID of the shiny applications if you go to the Connect Admin page. Just login with a user that has admin access to connect and click on the admin button in the top navigation.
At the bottom of that page you can see a list of all processes running that are managed by RStudio Connect with the corresponding PID. You can then kill that process without restarting Connect.

I hope this helps, let us know if you have any other questions!

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Very late response here: A little hack that I use to do this on occasion is to set a dummy environment variable. If you change the environment variables associated with an application, Connect will restart all of the processes as a side-effect.

I hope that helps!