Retrieving information about pins

I'm trying to retrieve information about pins. I'm using the following commands:

p = pins::pin_find(board = "rsconnect")

So retrieving information about pin 1 works, but pin 2 doesn't. The simple reason is I don't have access to pin 2.


  1. It seems odd security wise that I can view the pin names of pins I can't access.
  2. How can I view the information of the pins, i.e. is there some sort of pin super user.

Can't resist sharing this unhelpful information:

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Currently pin_info() retrieves metadata stored inside the pin's contents and therefore, requires access to the pin.

There is a newly opened feature request in the pins package to allow admins to use pin_info() even when access to the pin's contents is not available. You can find it at, and follow progress on that GitHub issue.

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