Returning the contents of an SQL server stored procedure as a string?

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I'm wondering if its possible to get the contents of an sql procedure using R. Most of the research Ive done only talks about executing from R but I need the actual contents of the procedure so I can modify it and run in the database.

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Yes. The specifics depend on your exact DB connection. But the gist is to use dbGetQuery

Thanks a lot! Happy to hear that. My DB is Microsoft SQL server. How exactly do I use dbGetquery for this? My understanding is this function runs sql commands to the database while I just want the contents of the procedure (not the result)

took me a couple of reads to understand what you were after. This SO question is what you are after

to use with dbGetQuery() you'd connect to your database, then:

dbGetQuery(con, "EXEC sp_helptext 'your_stored_proc';")

The text will end up in a data.frame with one column and a row for each line of the query.

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