Revert to Previous Minor Version of Bootstrap 5


New to the community and a relatively new Shiny developer. I'm a statistician first, and a web developer a distant second, so I apologize if I am asking a silly question. I am developing a bslib application and I just updated all my packages, one of which was bslib. That moved me from bootstrap version 5.2.2 to 5.3.1. It seems a pretty radical difference for a minor version update, and I do not like how this change has impacted the appearance of my application! I would like to specify for my app to use 5.2.2. Can I do that without reverting to the older version of bslib?

So far, it seems I can only fix the major version with:

theme = bs_theme(version = 5),

Thanks for your help!

Update: I was able to get pretty much what I wanted by downloading the 5.2.2 css file, but having style sheets for both 5.3.1 and 5.2.2 resulted in a few weird things. I decided to abandon having 5.2.2 and just address the changes I didn't like through my own css. Still, if anyone has any tips on how to prevent keep minor updates to bootstrap from making significant changes to the appearance of your applications, please let me know!

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