RJDemetra is unreliable package

wk <- load_workspace(file = "C:/Desezona_M/bdp/WS - BDP.xml")
sap <- get_object(wk,1)
sa <- get_object(sap, 7)
model_sa <- get_model(sa,wk)
spec_1<- x13_spec(model_sa)
series <- get_ts(sa)
spec_ts <- tramoseats_spec(spec = "RSAfull" )
sa_ts <- tramoseats(series, spec = spec_ts)

wk1 <- new_workspace()
mp1 <- new_multiprocessing(wk1, "sa1")
add_sa_item(wk1, "sa1", model_sa, "X13")
add_sa_item(wk1, "sa1", sa_ts, "TramoSeats")
sap1 <- get_object(wk1,1)
sa2 <- get_object(sap1, 1)

model_sa_2 <- get_model(sa2,wk1)
final_comp1 <- model_sa$final$series
final_comp2 <- model_sa_2$final$series

This code works in some series and not in others. I simply have no explanation .

Thanks for providing code. Could you kindly take further steps to make it easier for other forum users to help you? Share some representative data and that will enable your code to run and show the problematic behaviour. And include any error messages you receive.

How do I share data for a reprex?

You might use tools such as the library datapasta, or the base function dput() to share a portion of data in code form, i.e. that can be copied from forum and pasted to R session.

Reprex Guide

can I send you the complete project
and explain specifically which series are not giving me the expected values

the project has 30 time series. 25 give me the expected values ​​and the other 5 don't.

Can you give me email and i send you my jDemetra project and i explain you what is problem.

So you have up to 5 problems, but maybe just pick one for the time being ...

Give me your email address .

No thanks; This is a public forum for sharing and helping others in public; if you want something else you may need to find an alternate venue. Also I am here to help (and have helped very many people) as an unpaid volunteer, so please bear that in mind.

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I wanted to send you the jdemeter project, since I don't see how on this forum I can post the jdemeter project for public comment. After this insinuation of yours, I don't want anything until you apologize.

Thats perfectly fine with me. Goodbye.

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This is trouble with national Calendar in this package .
Example : Define a national calander · Issue #84 · jdemetra/rjdemetra (github.com)

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