RMark in Rstudio Cloud

We are trying to help students with using RMark on Rstudio Cloud and are running into issues with having Rstudio Cloud recognize the location of mark.exe. We have tried changing MarkPath to the directory we placed mark.exe into, but based on information here (Installing RMark under Linux and OS/X) that isn't working due to MarkPath being ignored in linux systems. We cannot create a symbolic link to the location of mark.exe either due to lacking permissions to do so in /usr/local/bin. Are there any other methods to link the search path to the actual location of mark.exe, or at least a method to create a symbolic link that we would have permission to do?

RStudio Cloud runs on a Linux server, you can't execute .exe files in Linux, also, even if you just made a typo and you are not actually trying to run a Windows program in Linux, I think users can't give execution permissions in RStudio Cloud.

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