Rmarkdown broken after antivirus didn’t like Rstudio 1.2 beta - now can’t knit at all even after reinstall.

I installed Rstudio 1.2 beta so I could use Rtools. While running a rmarkdown script using flexdashboard with shiny, the antivirus killed R for unclear reasons except for “unauthorized encryption”. After restarting the computer and reinstalling Rstudio, all is well except I cannot knit any rmarkdown documents.

Knitting to HTML, pdf, and word all have the same problem. No error message, no hung stop sign, just nothing happens.

I have tried reinstalling 1.2, 1.1, uninstalling Rtools, updating all my packages, nothing.

Ideas? Would be so grateful for help.

Check your antivirus, maybe it's putting some needed file to "quarantine" or blocking it some how

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