rmarkdown collaboration without google drive?

I am spinning up a project with 4-5 collaborators at all levels of R / markdown / git proficiency. Looking for a solution that allows editors of text/prose to stay in a word processing ecosystem to the extent practicable.

Saw this solution using trackdown ; unfortunately our infosec folks prohibit Google Drive. Is there a similar solution with sharepoint/teams, OR a solution that allows for offline reconciliation of prose with the main rmd?

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Also saw this SO post, but I don't have a good sense about redoc 's stability from the repo readme. Best way to collaborate with manager on R Markdown reports? - Stack Overflow

A feature like this is on the roadmap, see collaborative quarto editing · Discussion #405 · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · GitHub

Thanks @Jannik from R4DS Slack for bringing this to my attention.