RMarkdown does not run after fixed error in cell


I am using R Studio, specifically R Markdown, in my statistics class and I am having problems running the cells.

At first, everything is working well. I can run all the code cell by cell using the green play button in the right hand corner. The problem comes when there is an unforeseen error in the cell, whether it be a an undefined variable or something as simple as a missed bracket. I'll run the code and see the error message below. I'll then make the correction to the code and attempt to rerun. Nothing Happens. I'll continuously press the play button but nothing happens. The only way to get it to work again is by restarting R completely.

I have tried deleting R and RStudio from my computer and redownloading everything from scratch, but the issue still continues. If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, that would be really appreciated.

This is missing. And by "run the code" do you mean the chunk or knitting the whole document?

Sorry, for not clarifying.

I will see the error message right below the chunk after pressing the green play button. All these problems arise before I even knit the document.

And what does the error message say?