RMarkdown fails to compile tex output

Recently ran into this error when knitting Rmarkdown to pdf:

I tried updating tinytex but hasn't solved the issue. I am failing to understand what the issue is exactly. I was able to knit to PDF until this issue showed up. Any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Below is what I have for the pdf output options in the yaml

   latex_engine: xelatex
   keep_tex: yes
geometry: margin=1in
fontsize: 12pt
spacing: double
  - \usepackage{mathpazo}
  - \usepackage{eulervm}
  - \usepackage{fontspec}
  - \setmainfont{Garamond}

Try adding

- \usepackage{microtype}
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If it still does not work, please provide a full reproducible example. Thank you

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