Rmarkdown TeX hover preview

Up until updating to RStudio 4.2 a few days ago,
I was deeply enjoying and employing the feature where
hovering over TeX code in an Rmd file caused a preview of the rendered equation to pop up.
It's not happening now.
Is in the update? A setting somewhere?
I could re-install a previous RStudio and try it. Where can I find that installation?

The current version of R is 4.2, while RStudio is 2022.02.3+492. If you are using an old version of RStudio with R 4.2 you should probably update it as well. My up-to-date Mac has no problems hovering over TeX code.

If you want an earlier version of R, what operating system are you using? There are binaries for both macOS and Windows at CRAN (https://cran.r-project.org/).

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I would also try updating RStudio to latest.

Testing on the same file in the same project,
TeX hover works with RStudio 2021.09.3+396,
TeX hover does not work with RStudio 2022.02.3 Build 492.

R is at 4.2 .

Thank you all for testing your installation.
Getting mysterious.
Using Rstudio build 492:
With Project 1, hover doesn't work.
With Project 2, hover does work.... if opened in a fresh session
... but not if opened through "Open Recent Projects".
Then, close and re-open, Project 2 loads, and hover works.
Then open Project 1 through "Open Recent Projects", doesn't work.
Finally, close RStudio and re-open on Project 1,
... because maybe it's the fault of "Open Recent Projects"...
but no, hover not working.
And finally finally, open Project 1 in a fresh pre-492 version (443),
hover not working,
but opening Project 2 via "Open Recent Projects", it DOES work.
So all of my hypotheses are bust.

Curse the day that we lost our beautiful Mathtype,
Apple went full 64-bit-only and Wiris didn't come through
with a usable replacement.
Casting about ever since.
None as good convenient as hover preview in Rmarkdown!

(Aside: Spellcheck hover works if "Use real-time spellchecking" is on.
So it's not the hover mechanism.)

You coud try opening an issue in RStudio IDE repo about this if this is a regression.

I am using a daily build of RStudio 2022.06.0. You might try that. I just did some inline TeX in the Visual mode and it is very slick.

For 2022.06.0 using the visual markdown editor, the TeX code is already rendered:
Screen Shot 1

When you click on it you get the editable code and the live preview:
Screen Shot 2

This should also happen with 2022.02.3 and 2021.09 but I do not have them on either Mac at home.

The ".RData" file had gotten pretty huge. After offloading seldom used objects with save(), and deleting them from .GlobalEnv, the TeX hover preview now works. I am fairly certain it's cause-effect. Somehow clogging up memory broke the hover.

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