Rmarkdown with Python setup

I am new to Rstudio.

I am working on an academic project and utilizing Rstudio. My concern is setting up Rmarkdown with Python. Can we set up Rmarkdown without a virtual environment and just writing in Python, as shown in Image 1?

So far, I've been working on a project in Rmarkdown by changing R to Python in curly brackets, but when I try to plot the graph, it fails. This issue makes me wonder whether I set up the rmarkdown correctly.

[Image 1]([


What is the error message you get? Ideally, can you provide a proper REPRoducible EXample (reprex) illustrating your issue?

Python inside rmarkdown is powered by the reticulate package. See more about the engine in

Try the example and see if it works for you to check your configuration

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