Rmd-files not included after being edited

I am using to blowdown to build and update a webpage regularly. It usually works great.

However, I am encountering a strange issue: If I edit my Rmd-files and then build the site over again, the html-versions of the edited files are sometimes not moved into the public-folder, and these pages are not linked from my index-page. If I wait 5-10 hours and try again, they will be rendered as normal, and everything is fine. I am wondering if there is some issue with time-stamps or some cache that I could somehow avoid?

I build the page with this line:

blogdown::build_site(local = FALSE, run_hugo = TRUE, build_rmd = TRUE)

If I build the page with local = TRUE, or use serve_site(), everything works fine, even when build_site(local = FALSE)does not.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @ilboello !

Sorry for the delay.

Is this still happening ?

If so it could be an issue in the package but we would need to have a look and this require a reproducible example, or at least sources to look at.

If you think this is an issue, you can open an issue on blogdown

Thanks for your answer!

Yes, this is still an issue. I have set the system to rebuild and update the webpage every 15 minutes. Because of the mentioned issue, I have put a check in place to see if all files have been updated in the public-folder, and to stop the update when this is not the case. I see from the log-file that this issue still occurs every now and then, and that after a couple of hours, everything suddenly works fine again (without any files having been changed).

I think it will be hard to make reproducible example here, because I do not know when this issue will occur (and the complete set of files/codes going into building the page is large).

I could add that the whole blowdown-project is currently stored in a dropbox-folder that I access from multiple computers. I don't know if this could somehow cause trouble? I think the first time I noticed this issue was after editing .Rmd-files from a second computer and the building the site on another. But I have also been able to do this without any issue. Furthermore, I have now stopped editing from multiple computers, and the issue still appears to occur at random.

It is highly possible this could cause trouble. The randomness makes it hard to reproduce, and makes me think that it has to do with your setup and not the package itself.
However, it seems there is a time-sensitive part on the tooling that seems to cause issue. It is also possible that it is with Hugo itself. Did you try to update to last Hugo version (if possible) ?
The "move to public" folder part is done by Hugo. You could try to see if you can activate log on the hugo process to have more information.

Hope it helps

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I will try to update Hugo and see if I can get a log on the Hugo process. Apart from that, I guess might try moving the project folder out of dropbox in the future. I may not be able to explore this further right now, but will definitely see if this helps further down the road.

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