Rmd template for cheatsheets

I'm planning on creating an introductory cheatsheet for working with spatial data in general (raster and vector) building on the sf cheatsheet. Given that reproducibility and open source is central to RStudio's philosophy (source) I was surprised to find that there is no .Rmd template for cheatsheets: https://www.rstudio.com/resources/cheatsheets/how-to-contribute-a-cheatsheet/

Would RStudio be open to the idea of a .Rmd template, perhaps built with the new pagedown package? Happy to contribute to the cause, think it will make it much easier to create, update and ensure reproducibility of examples in the cheatsheets, notwithstanding potential issues with type-setting etc.


I had the same idea since I began working on pagedown!
For now, I've designed several templates with CSS paged media and I think that a template for cheatsheets would be a hard but feasible task (my personal estimation is 4 weeks of work). My very first idea would be to use CSS grid as in the poster template.
Another important point is the following: do you want to produce a multiple pages output or a single page? A single page would be easier (and less user friendly).
I have to fix some remaining issues on pagedown first but I will be interested by helping you if you begin to work on this!