ROauth Save Error On R Cloud


I am trying to connect my Twitter with R studio and ROauth. However when I try using direct authentication I experience the following issue

[1] "Using direct authentication"
Use a local file ('.httr-oauth'), to cache OAuth access credentials between R sessions?

I type 1 into the console for YES. However when I try to run the line of code that searches for mentions of Samsung. The following happens

> source('/cloud/project/scripter.R')
[1] "Using direct authentication"

Then when 1 press one again. The console displays the following and does not pull mentions from twitter and display it in the console. Instead it prints the following.

[1] 1

Look forward to having some support as I am really enjoying everything about R so far.

You can see the attached image for more information

Regards, Simeon

are you trying to do the OAuth dance from scratch? Or are you using a Twitter package?

Also, this does not seem like an question at all. Nothing about this has to do with that I can see.


Thanks @jdlong for taking the time to review my question.

I am running R studio on the cloud by using the following website.

Yes I am trying to run twitter. See below for my rscript





Thanks Again,

You are actually having problems with the twitteR package that you are using on a rstudio session hosted on rstudio cloud, that is different than having issues with rstudio cloud itself.

This message is not a prompt asking for an input is just the output of running scripter.R

[1] "Using direct authentication"

Maybe this blog post may help you setting up twitteR package.

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